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Leather Loves

Leather lovers, unite – the fall staple is back with a vengeance. Once reserved primarily for bomber jackets or boots, leather (and more affordable/ethical faux leather) is now found on virtually everything – from bracelets to t-shirts to dresses and everything in between. I personally...

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6 Pajama Sets With Personality

If putting together a fantastic outfit of the day is anything like crafting the perfect ice cream sundae, a cute pair of pajamas is the cherry on top. Regardless of whether or not anyone actually sees them, having an adorable pair of pajamas to put...

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Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Deep Recovery Mask

I love a good hair mask. My hair is naturally pretty coarse and frizzy (thanks mom and dad) so it needs a lot of TLC to help keep it supple and smooth. I’ve also been colouring it for as long as I can remember, so suffice it to say I consider myself a bit of a deep conditioner/hair mask aficionado.

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